How To Get XBox Live For Free?

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Free Xbox Live

Every XBox 360 gamer understands just how vital Microsoft Points are. You need them everywhere you go on XBox Live to download game content, games, themes, and much more to enhance your XBox 360 experience.

Google and other search engines are quick ways to find things like Free Microsoft Points codes and Free XBox Live subscriptions but many sites are dangerous, and can do serious damage to your computer for downloading their products. There are serious and potential dangers from downloading files from even popular sites. You can get a trojan or a virus on your computer, and your computer may be hacked by the creator of the virus. You could also be a victim of phishing: Hidden code that sends your confidential information under false pretenses in order to obtain credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal data.

Microsoft points Generator

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   1600 Microsoft Points

If you've ever used a search engine, you've more than likely seen sites that advertise "Microsoft Code Generator" and "Free Microsoft Points Codes". While these sites may look real, most of them will force you to download their product, revealing you to these threats while asking you to enter your personal information. Recovering your information from these attacks can take a lot of time, patience, and most importantly money. You can incur problems with your credit for years to come after having your identity stolen from these criminals. It's just not worth taking the risk if you ask me.

As a college student, money is often very tight for me so I look for ways to get things for free anytime I can. Micrsoft XBox Live subscription cards and Microsoft Point Cards can be impossible to find when there's hot new downloadable content about to be released. I found a multitude of torrent sites like rapidshare, mediafirre,, that offered "Free Xbox Live 360 Codes Generator" just for downloading and installing their "2010 Microsoft code Generator". It was free, so I downloaded it and proceeded to use it. I inadvertently clicked on a link to a hacker website which immediately put a Trojan virus onto my computer. A little piece of software had sneaked in through my computer's back door, and had begun to follow the exact instructions its creator gave it. In some cases it could be to make trouble for me by deleting files I would need sometime in the near future. Some days my system could work properly, without any errors and I wouldn't even notice that anything is wrong with the computer.

But one day I got repeated error messages, and I experienced problems to run certain programs I use. I noticed that I had lost documents or other files that you use, and I was 100% positive that I did not delete or move them. As a result of these attacks on my system, I was forced to pay someone to format my computer and I lost everything and had to pay a lot of money to get it working again properly.

Free Microsoft Points

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Free Xbox Live

I had all but given up on getting "Free Microsoft XBox Code Generator", until I finally found a FREE and LEGAL way to get things on XBox Live without downloading anything at all. I discovered a site called Points2Shop where I actually received free points to use towards the purchase of my Microsoft Points just for signing up! Points2Shop is a fantastic website where you earn points by completing offers and surveys, playing fun games and contests, and even telling your friends about the site.

The site is completely free and signing up takes less than 5 minutes. Joining a new site can be confusing, and with so many ways to get the things you want for free - You may not know just where to start. Points2Shop understands that, and there is a live Shoutbox where you can get advice from other users as well as tips on how to get points fast. There's always many helpful and experienced users there that can help point you in the right direction when you're new (and even when you're not).

This isn't another one of those Internet sites, you can prove it for yourself by ordering a real one dollar bill that will be sent to you. Another benefit of ordering the Dollar bill right away is that it will earn you Bronze level - Giving you unlimited access to the games on the site and even more ways to increase your earnings! Ordering the cash is simple, just click on Spend Points, Non-Amazon rewards, then add the Dollar to your cart and checkout. Within two weeks - You'll have a totally free Dollar.

Everyone wants to get Microsoft XBox Live for free, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your safety in order to get it. By following the step-by-step instructions below - You'll be on your way to enjoying unlimited XBox Live in no time.

How to get your free and legal Microsoft XBox Live Point codes:
Create your free account by clicking HERE
Earn points by completing free offers, playing games with friends, and filling out surveys.
Order your Free Microsoft Live Subscription and Microsoft Point Cards to use online!

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I have to tell everyone that points2shop is the best site I have found to get free Microsoft points! Everyone should join today and get ready for new Map Pack and new games like Fallout. Everyone have to dedicate some time to complete free offers and surveys but that's worth considering you are going to get them for free. Now I don't have to pay for microsoft xbox live anymore :)